Using fingerprints in Home Assistant

Sometimes it can be useful to load the fingerprints used for our pytest suite in the development of the Home Assistant component. This enables debugging of the UI in Home Assistant which is not possible from pytest alone.


This is for the Home Assistant development environment only! Do not do this on your live instance!

Setup and start Home Assistant in the development environment at least once and let all python packages install (hass -c ./config). If not already done, set up the BMW Connected Drive Integration. You need to login a MyBMW account at least once. Shut down Homeassistant afterwards.


The MyBMW account does not need to contain vehicles, a demo account without attached vehicles is sufficient.

Now, we have to “hack” our mocked backend calls into Home Assistant.

Edit homeassistant/components/bmw_connected_drive/ and locate the function def _async_update_data(). We now have to replace await self.account.get_vehicles(). The try .. except block should look like this:

            from bimmer_connected.tests.conftest import MyBMWMockRouter, ALL_STATES, ALL_CHARGING_SETTINGS
            with MyBMWMockRouter(["WBY00000000REXI01"], ALL_STATES, ALL_CHARGING_SETTINGS):
                await self.account.get_vehicles()

As the first parameter, you can specify a list of VINs for debugging or leave it empty (None or []) to load all vehicles of our test suite.