Generals models used for bimmer_connected.

class bimmer_connected.models.AnonymizedResponse(filename: str, content: Union[List[T], Dict[KT, VT], str, None] = None)[source]

An anonymized response.

content = None
class bimmer_connected.models.ChargingSettings(chargingTarget: Optional[int], acLimitValue: Optional[int] = None)[source]

Charging settings to control the vehicle.

acLimitValue = None
dcLoudness = None
isUnlockCableActive = None
class bimmer_connected.models.GPSPosition(latitude: Optional[float], longitude: Optional[float])[source]

GPS coordinates.

exception bimmer_connected.models.MyBMWAPIError[source]

General BMW API error.

exception bimmer_connected.models.MyBMWAuthError[source]

Auth-related error from BMW API (HTTP status codes 401 and 403).

exception bimmer_connected.models.MyBMWRemoteServiceError[source]

Error when executing remote services.

class bimmer_connected.models.PointOfInterest(lat: dataclasses.InitVar, lon: dataclasses.InitVar, name: Optional[str] = 'Sent with ♥ by bimmer_connected', street: dataclasses.InitVar = None, postal_code: dataclasses.InitVar = None, city: dataclasses.InitVar = None, country: dataclasses.InitVar = None)[source]

A Point of Interest to be sent to the car.

city = None
country = None
name = 'Sent with ♥ by bimmer_connected'
postal_code = None
street = None
class bimmer_connected.models.PointOfInterestAddress(street: Optional[str] = None, postalCode: Optional[str] = None, city: Optional[str] = None, country: Optional[str] = None)[source]

Address data of a PointOfInterest.

city = None
country = None
postalCode = None
street = None
class bimmer_connected.models.StrEnum[source]

A string enumeration of type (str, Enum). All members are compared via upper(). Defaults to UNKNOWN.

class bimmer_connected.models.ValueWithUnit[source]

A value with a corresponding unit.


Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 0

class bimmer_connected.models.VehicleDataBase[source]

A base class for parsing and storing complex vehicle data.

classmethod from_vehicle_data(vehicle_data: Dict[KT, VT])[source]

Create the class based on vehicle data from API.

update_from_vehicle_data(vehicle_data: Dict[KT, VT])[source]

Update the attributes based on vehicle data from API.