Source code for bimmer_connected.vehicle.fuel_and_battery

"""Generals models used for bimmer_connected."""

import datetime
import logging
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional

from bimmer_connected.const import ATTR_ATTRIBUTES, ATTR_STATE
from bimmer_connected.models import StrEnum, ValueWithUnit, VehicleDataBase
from bimmer_connected.utils import get_next_occurrence
from bimmer_connected.vehicle.const import COMBUSTION_ENGINE_DRIVE_TRAINS, HV_BATTERY_DRIVE_TRAINS, DriveTrainType

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] @dataclass class FuelAndBattery(VehicleDataBase): """Provides an accessible version of `status.FuelAndBattery`.""" remaining_range_fuel: Optional[ValueWithUnit] = ValueWithUnit(None, None) """Get the remaining range of the vehicle on fuel.""" remaining_range_electric: Optional[ValueWithUnit] = ValueWithUnit(None, None) """Get the remaining range of the vehicle on electricity.""" remaining_range_total: Optional[ValueWithUnit] = ValueWithUnit(None, None) """Get the total remaining range of the vehicle (fuel + electricity, if available).""" remaining_fuel: Optional[ValueWithUnit] = ValueWithUnit(None, None) """Get the remaining fuel of the vehicle.""" remaining_fuel_percent: Optional[int] = None """State of charge of the high voltage battery in percent.""" remaining_battery_percent: Optional[int] = None """State of charge of the high voltage battery in percent.""" charging_status: Optional[ChargingState] = None """Charging state of the vehicle.""" charging_start_time: Optional[datetime.datetime] = None """The planned time the vehicle will start charging in local time.""" charging_end_time: Optional[datetime.datetime] = None """The estimated time the vehicle will have finished charging.""" is_charger_connected: bool = False """Get status of the connection""" charging_target: Optional[int] = None """State of charging target in percent."""
[docs] @classmethod def from_vehicle_data(cls, vehicle_data: Dict): """Create the class based on vehicle data from API.""" parsed = cls._parse_vehicle_data(vehicle_data) or {} if len(parsed) > 0: return cls(**parsed) return None
@classmethod def _parse_vehicle_data(cls, vehicle_data: Dict) -> Optional[Dict]: """Parse fuel indicators based on Ids.""" retval: Dict[str, Any] = {} drivetrain = DriveTrainType(vehicle_data.get(ATTR_ATTRIBUTES, {}).get("driveTrain") or DriveTrainType.UNKNOWN) # return early if state data hasn't been loaded or no combustion/electric data is available if ( ATTR_STATE not in vehicle_data or len({"combustionFuelLevel", "electricChargingState"}.intersection(set(vehicle_data[ATTR_STATE]))) == 0 ): return retval state = vehicle_data["state"] if drivetrain in COMBUSTION_ENGINE_DRIVE_TRAINS: retval.update(cls._parse_fuel_data(state.get("combustionFuelLevel", {}))) if drivetrain in HV_BATTERY_DRIVE_TRAINS: if electric_data := state.get("electricChargingState", {}): retval.update( cls._parse_electric_data( electric_data, vehicle_data["fetched_at"], state.get("chargingProfile", {}).get("reductionOfChargeCurrent"), ), ) if drivetrain in set(COMBUSTION_ENGINE_DRIVE_TRAINS).intersection(HV_BATTERY_DRIVE_TRAINS): # for hybrid vehicles the remaining_range_fuel returned by the API seems to be the total remaining range # to calculate the correct remaining range on fuel, we have to subtract the remaining electric range # this does not seem to apply for the old I3 with range extender fuel: ValueWithUnit = retval.get("remaining_range_fuel", ValueWithUnit(None, None)) electric: ValueWithUnit = retval.get("remaining_range_electric", ValueWithUnit(None, None)) if drivetrain == DriveTrainType.ELECTRIC_WITH_RANGE_EXTENDER: retval["remaining_range_total"] = ValueWithUnit( (fuel.value or 0) + (electric.value or 0), fuel.unit or electric.unit, ) else: retval["remaining_range_total"] = retval["remaining_range_fuel"] retval["remaining_range_fuel"] = ValueWithUnit( (fuel.value or 0) - (electric.value or 0), fuel.unit or electric.unit, ) elif drivetrain in COMBUSTION_ENGINE_DRIVE_TRAINS and "remaining_range_fuel" in retval: retval["remaining_range_total"] = retval["remaining_range_fuel"] elif drivetrain in HV_BATTERY_DRIVE_TRAINS and "remaining_range_electric" in retval: retval["remaining_range_total"] = retval["remaining_range_electric"] return retval @staticmethod def _parse_fuel_data(fuel_data: Dict) -> Dict: """Parse fuel data.""" retval = {} if "remainingFuelLiters" in fuel_data: retval["remaining_fuel"] = ValueWithUnit(fuel_data["remainingFuelLiters"], "L") if "remainingFuelPercent" in fuel_data: retval["remaining_fuel_percent"] = fuel_data["remainingFuelPercent"] if "range" in fuel_data: retval["remaining_range_fuel"] = ValueWithUnit(fuel_data["range"], "km") return retval @staticmethod def _parse_electric_data( electric_data: Dict, fetched_at: datetime.datetime, charging_window: Optional[Dict] = None ) -> Dict: """Parse electric data.""" retval = {} if "isChargerConnected" in electric_data: retval["is_charger_connected"] = electric_data["isChargerConnected"] if "chargingLevelPercent" in electric_data: retval["remaining_battery_percent"] = int(electric_data["chargingLevelPercent"]) if "range" in electric_data: retval["remaining_range_electric"] = ValueWithUnit(electric_data["range"], "km") if "chargingStatus" in electric_data: retval["charging_status"] = ChargingState( electric_data["chargingStatus"] if electric_data["chargingStatus"] != "INVALID" else "NOT_CHARGING" ) if "remainingChargingMinutes" in electric_data: retval["charging_end_time"] = fetched_at + datetime.timedelta( minutes=electric_data["remainingChargingMinutes"] ) if "chargingTarget" in electric_data: retval["charging_target"] = int(electric_data["chargingTarget"]) if retval["charging_status"] == ChargingState.WAITING_FOR_CHARGING and isinstance(charging_window, Dict): retval["charging_start_time"] = get_next_occurrence(, datetime.time(int(charging_window["start"]["hour"]), int(charging_window["start"]["minute"])), ) return retval